The American Civil War: Roots of Modern Technology

The American Civil War: Roots of Contemporary Technologies

Folks of all ages had a likelihood to get a taste of the Civil War era at the “Civil War: Roots of Modern Technology” Convention final Saturday. Held at Bristol …
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White House Postpones Obamacare Penalty On Employer Mandate

White House Postpones Obamacare Penalty On Employer Mandate

July 02, 2013 CNBC News
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Families for Justice as Healing Rallies in Washington, D.C. to End Mass Incarceration

Boston, MA (PRWEB) June 04, 2014

Families for Justice as Healing is mobilizing concerned individuals and organizations from across the nation to converge on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. in support of an finish to mass incarceration. The Totally free HER Rally will assemble at the Sylvan Theater on the National Mall, Independence Avenue &amp 15th, on Saturday, June 21, 2014 from ten:00 am-two:00 pm.

Ladies, families and supporters will come with each other from across the nation, uniting to speak with one voice, to raise awareness of the devastating influence of overly harsh drug sentencing policies and the direct impact on communities of mass incarceration and the war on drugs. The objectives of the rally are:

1. To raise awareness of the alarming enhance in the price of incarceration of girls in the United States and its effect on our kids and communities.

2. To demand an end to voter disenfranchisement for folks with felony convictions and to encourage the passing of the Smarter Sentencing Act.

three. To ask President Obama to commute the sentences of females and males in the federal program who have applied for commutations.

“On April 23, 2014, the Justice Department announced President Obama’s intention to commute the sentences of eligible people serving federal non-violent sentences,” says Andrea James, founder and director of Households for Justice as Healing. “Now is far more essential than ever to stand together and join our voices as a single to encourage the President to commute the sentences of women serving non-violent sentences. Enable them to return to their kids and communities.”

Between 1980 and 2010, the number of girls in prison elevated by 646% general, with a disproportionate impact on girls of color. Black ladies are incarcerated at almost three occasions the price of white ladies, and Hispanic girls are incarcerated at 1.six times the price of white women. Most incarcerated girls are imprisoned for non-violent drug and property crimes, with numerous girls charged and convicted of conspiracy and other connected counts, even though they had minimal or no involvement in the offenses that led to their arrests.

Incarcerated females have exclusive well being and security issues, which prisons are often unprepared to address appropriately, according to Families for Justice as Healing. Women swept into the prison method disproportionately endure from abuse and sexual violence. They are particularly vulnerable to becoming re-traumatized by strip searches, solitary confinement, and employees sexual misconduct. Prisons and jails also typically fail to deal with reproductive requirements appropriately, delivering inadequate prenatal and abortion care. Pregnant girls are frequently subjected to harmful, demeaning, and unnecessary shackling in the course of labor and delivery.

Locally hosted by the D.C. Office of Returning Citizen Affairs, the rally will include organizations, speakers, and individual participants from about the country. Other participating organizations incorporate Alpha Kappa Alpha, ACLU of Washington, D.C., Boston Feminists for Liberation, Free of charge Marissa Alexander Movement, the Completely Informed Jury Association, Institute of the Black Globe, Mommie Activist, Mothers in Charge, Pittsburgh Northside Residents Coalition, and Ladies Who In no way Give Up.

Soon after the June rally, the Free of charge HER campaign will continue on, with participants calling, emailing and sending postcards to encourage the President and to raise awareness among daily individuals of the need to finish the war on drugs and mass incarceration of girls.

About Households for Justice as Healing:

Households for Justice as Healing is a criminal justice reform, legislative advocacy organization. At Households for Justice as Healing, we organize formerly incarcerated women to join the movement toward creating community wellness options to incarceration, to heal and rebuild families and communities. Our membership advocates a shift away from expansion of the prison method and toward creation of community wellness options to incarceration. We seek public health alternatives to present U.S. drug policies and legislation that concentrate on criminalization, the war on drugs and mass incarceration.

Investigator: Wausau official violated several policies

Investigator: Wausau official violated many policies
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Jacobson also accused Groat of openly criticizing her choice of an outside legal consultant who determined that the city would need to have a complete approval process to modify its plans for Thomas Street reconstruction whilst using tax-increment funding. Groat …

Markets Live: Shares catch international bug
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It could be a blockbuster US payroll figure (“a la February 1994”) or signs that housing, bank lending, or tiny business activity in the US is “finally in a self-reinforcing upswing”. The warning signs are a huge US dollar rally, “a bear steepening of …

Fitch Affirms Gilbert MPC, AZ's Revs at 'AA+' Outlook Steady
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The excise tax revenue bonds are payable from rental payments made by the town to the corporation, secured by a pledge of the town's excise taxes, such as state shared income and sales taxes. Rental payments are absolute and unconditional and not&nbsp…

Faculty Row Report: The US Economy is Not Fine

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 19, 2013

What do some of America’s prime professors have to say about the status of our economy? This was posed to achieved academics from Faculty Row’s network and asked professors to weigh-in and price the existing status of the U.S.economy.

Every professor was initial asked to price the current status of the U.S. economy on scale of 1 to 10. A rating of ‘1’ would indicate a viewpoint that the economy is worst the economy has ever been and ‘10’ would be the ideal. Professors also voiced their opinions to support their ratings.

The numerical average amassed from 28 professors, across different disciplines* created a rating of ‘4.5’ out of 10.

Professors with experience in different disciplines, including political science, ethics, finance, social research, history, and economics took portion in our survey.

Here is how Faculty Row’s educators perceive our nation’s existing economy:

“The record higher stock marketplace and falling unemployment price mask a deeper problem with the US economy–we have one of the most economically unequal societies in the globe.” – David A. Schultz is a professor of Political Science at Hamline University

Professor Schultz prices the existing US economy a ’3′. He contends that the root of the dilemma lies in our economically unequal society:

“According to the Institute for Policy Studies, in 2007 the top a single-% controls practically 34% of the wealth in the nation, with half of the population possessing less than 3%.”

Schultz further emphasizes the inequality in our economy: “in a nation exactly where economic wealth can be converted into political power, the rich can use their resources to stop political adjust or reform and entrench themselves.”

Professor Bruce Alan Kibler, whose experience is Corporate Governance and Global Enterprise at Gannon University assigns a rating of ’2′ to the current US economy. Kibler points to the inequitable distribution of earnings which he states could lead to civil unrest.

Kibler additional explains “The most prosperous time in the US was when there was a very equitable distribution of income and high tax rates on the wealthy and lower on the poor. The burden of our capitalism has been placed almost solely on the less than wealthy.”

Kibler continues “The last 30 years have been spent rising returns for the best earners and overburdening the reduced spectrum of the economy. Until this is changed, we start running the danger of ever growing civil unrest as much more and a lot more folks turn into disenfranchised from our technique. History provides us a plethora of clear examples right here.”

Professor Fred Maidment teaches Entrepreneurship at Western Connecticut State University. Maidment rates the economy a ’3′ and states that America’s economic troubles are rooted in its “unwillingness to recognize the adjustments in the international economy that have occurred in the past 15 – 20 years.” He advances this assertion by listing the factors why the US economy is not robust adequate to compete on a worldwide scale locating it has not but fully recognized alterations in the following spectrums including:

-The advent of the web

-The development of provide chain distribution

-The availability of a international workforce and lastly,

-Change from a national to an international economy

-A tax structure that is not competitive with tax structures in other countries.

-Growing regulation of business.

-The rise of favored industries occasionally referred to as “Crony Capitalism” at the expense of other sectors of the economy.

“The policies being implemented by the government” Maidment concludes, “have far more to do with addressing the circumstances that existed in 1933 than in 2013. We reside in a quite diverse planet than 80 years ago.” Maidment foresees a reduce in unemployment since fewer workers are looking for employment top to a smaller workforce and smaller general economy.

The outlook isn’t all bleak according to Professor Jordano Quaglia at Fairfield University. Quaglia is a professor of History and languages, and prices the present US economy:

“I would price the economy a ’7′, because it is developing. It has been hijacked by the dysfunctional House of Representatives which does not compromise and has an agenda against the White House that seems racist and does not appeal to the majority of the nation.”

He additional suggests that the troubles which reside in the Residence of Representatives are fixable due to the reality that new members get reelected right after their allotted time:

“…Elected representatives to the Home ought to have one particular single 6 year mandate, with a referendum approval on his/her third year to assure his/her stay or new election for the reminder 3 years. In that way lobbying and specific group interests wouldn’t be at play all the time, and with the referendum a poor acting politician would be taken out.”

Bernard Moitt, a professor of African and Caribbean history and literature at Virginia Commonwealth University, concurs and prices the US economy at ’8′. “I think if one looks at main signals of the American economy 1 can see that things are moving forward. This forward momentum is probably to continue. 1st, the unemployment price has dropped given that the height of the financial crisis in 2009. Second, a current report on auto firms suggests that the revenues are up and manufacturing prices in the US have constantly been a main predictor on how the economy is performing.”

To this, he adds the housing marketplace which has been a major indicator of mobility, is trending positively with marketplace values on the upswing in a number of cities which includes Richmond (VA), where the most recent tax rates on his street have been assessed at an added $ one hundred,000. Additional, Moitt feels the US dollar is bouncing back in worth specially in relation to other national currencies. This is specific to the Canadian dollar which in instances previous was worth more than the US dollar as effectively as in Europe exactly where par is not as disastrous as in occasions previous. “Lastly I think that the correct worth of the Affordable Care Act popularly identified as Obama Care, will be revealed in 2014 when Americans much better recognize their proper to suitable healthcare.”

Economist and financial reformist John Edmunds of Babson College hovers slightly above the midpoint with a existing rating of the US economy a ’6′. “Job creation will continue, but the jobs will be low-paid, mainly without benefits. Monetary policy will continue to be accommodative, but the extended-term price of interest will be allowed to rise slightly. Genuine estate costs will continue to rise, despite slightly greater mortgage rates. Energy costs will continue to decline, whether or not the Keystone pipeline is allowed or not. Corporate income will continue to develop, and the stock marketplace will rise, though significantly less than in 2013. Our trading partners will do better, so demand for our exports will continue to increase. The coasts will do properly, and the recovery will be more noticeable in the center of the nation, but the boom of 2006-2007 or 1999-2000 will not be repeated.”

At a time when predictions on the US economy are running freely, the 196 members of Faculty Row are split between high hopes, reservations, and indications of a extended road ahead. There is consensus, even so, in the problems stemming from an unequal distribution of wealth, a faulty legislative branch.

Faculty Row is a Private Network originally developed for educators and researchers to connect, collaborate, and share concepts nationally. Faculty Row is now the major network of professionals for over 100,000 academics globally.

For Media Inquiries:

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