Minister wants exemption from taxes to shore up tourism

Minister wants exemption from taxes to shore up tourism
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Pointing out that Puducherry was the legendary residence of different saints, freedom fighters, ancient trade settlements from Rome and Greece, he stated, “Now it is a spiritual powerhouse and the centre of a new emerging human consciousness and new approaches of&nbsp…

Gibraltar: &quotMy Lord, This Is An Suitable Case For You To Exercise Your
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To state the obvious, there are two major systems of law in the world, widespread law (influenced by English law and which involves Commonwealth nations and former British colonies), and civil law (influenced by Roman law and which contains countries of …

Bob Tamasy: Enough Proof To Convict?
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Several media sources outdoors the United States say the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has taken control of the city of Mosul in northern Iraq, giving Christians 3 alternatives – renounce their faith and convert to Islam, spend a hefty tax, or be …

Affordable Care Act: Play or Pay in 2015?

Reasonably priced Care Act: Play or Spend in 2015?
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… full-time equivalent (FTE) personnel are attempting to figure out how to deal with the Inexpensive Care Act's &quotEmployer Shared Responsibility Provision&quot which needs applicable large employers to either provide wellness insurance coverage in 2015, or else spend a …

Controversial Affordable Care Act tax proves hard for IRS to collect
affordable care act tax overall health insurance coverage
The Inexpensive Care Act is counting on the tax to generate about $ 20 billion in revenue between 2013 and 2019 to help fund costs from the overall health care law, which contain the providing of subsidies for health insurance coverage plans and the expansion of …

Can I sign up now for insurance through the Cost-effective Care Act?
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A special enrollment period is a 60-day window of time when individuals who have a “qualifying life event” can apply for and purchase insurance at the Health Insurance Marketplace for the 1st time, or adjust a program outside of the open enrollment period. Considering that …

UK Is Europe's 'Self-Employment Capital' but Underemployment Brings Tax and …

UK Is Europe's 'Self-Employment Capital' but Underemployment Brings Tax and
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Britain is quickly becoming the &quotself-employment capital of Europe&quot as individuals take it upon themselves to develop their own perform, rather than scrabble about in the labour industry hunting for a uncommon decent employees position. But this could produce future …

Newly Self-Employed? Qualify for a Mortgage With out two Years of Tax Returns
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Making the transition from functioning for an employer to becoming self-employed can be incredibly rewarding. Even so, one of the challenges that new business owners face is qualifying for a mortgage. Without obtaining two years of tax returns to prove revenue to&nbsp…

Rising British self-employment utilized to obscure worsening job circumstance
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Though the number of employees, i.e., these operating for an employer and paying spend-as-you-earn tax (PAYE), has declined by 201,000 amongst 2008 and 2013, the quantity of self-employed jobs has improved by 330,000. The Trades Union Congress&nbsp…

Top 5 Small Business Events By ChooseWhat

(PRWEB) October 10, 2012

While most of the United States have been focusing pretty heavily on the 2012 presidential debates, small businesses have experienced drastic changes over the past month., the small business start-up guide, has identified the top five most important events affecting small businesses and how they are impacting them directly. Is Congress trying to over tax the self-employed? Details on Apple’s new administrative features that could save small businesses thousands in operating costs, a new tech start-up works to eradicate computer viruses forever, and much more on these and other major tech events.

1) Contact Your Congressman — Health Insurance Tax Issues for the Self Employed:

Did you know that there is a tax law that exempts all Americans who work for someone else from taxes on health insurance premiums, but not one exempting the self-employed? Since Congress failed to renew the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act of 2010, which permitted such deductions by the self-employed, there is now an additional tax on those self-employed professionals’ health insurance premiums. (via

How this applies to you:

There is now a bi-partisan bill introduced in Congress named “America’s Small Business Tax Relief Act of 2012 (H.R. 6102),” that would make the deduction of self-employed health insurance premiums from payroll taxes permanent. This bill also includes a provision that increases tax deductions for business start-up expenditures. However, there is only an estimated 3% chance the bill will be enacted. But, over the coming month every single U.S. Representative will be campaigning to retain their seat in the House, many touting a strong stance behind small business. Make them put their money where their mouth is by letting them know where you stand on this bill.

2) New iPhone 5 features that corporations and small businesses will LOVE:

The biggest tech news this past month was the iPhone5. While Apple hasn’t focused much on enterprise-related features in the past, with their newest iPhone release as well as iOS 6 update, it seems to be an avenue they are now pursuing. Many of the new features focus on expanding administrator-type settings to allow for greater control of the iPhones and iPads.

How this applies to you:

One new feature called the ‘App Lock’ is designed for businesses that use a single app, such as one for credit card payment processing, to lock the iPhone or iPad on the app to stop employees from using the device for non-business purposes. Also, admins can now disable many non-productivity apps to make the iPhone business-only. One of the most interesting features of the new iOS 6 is that it gives devices the ability to define a HTTP global proxy. Although this may not be a big deal for some, the ability for companies with Internet restrictions to keep all phones running through their servers can help businesses reinforce their access policies. (via BusinessInsider)

3) Can You Imagine a World without Computer Viruses?:

New tech startup, Bromium, has created software that could mean the end of computer malware as we know it. According to their website the software, dubbed vSentry, this software “uses hardware isolation to securely allow untrustworthy desktop tasks to safely coexist with trusted enterprise applications and data.” This means there is a kind of digital shield between each window on your desktop and the rest of your computer so that once you close a window that contains a virus, it is destroyed. In addition, Bromium claims that you won’t even notice vSentry running on your computer since most modern PCs are built with the capacity to handle the program’s workload. (via Bromium)

How this applies to you:

This software will allow for a whole new freedom from viruses. With this type of program, there will no longer be a need for administrator passwords to download programs or to access unsecured websites since everything that runs on your computer is automatically protected by this virtual shield.

4) Small Banks More Apt to Loan to Small Biz:

Now it may not seem that profound of an idea that small banks rather than big banks would be more prone to loan to small businesses. The real intriguing element in the statistics is how over the past month approvals from small banks increased by 0.4% while those from big banks decreased at the exact same rate. A reason for these countervailing trends is “a combination of global credit issues and regulatory pressure” that’s keeping big banks from lending. (via SmallBizTrends)

How this applies to you:

Not only is the trend of lending in favor of small businesses seeking small banks, but overall, small banks lend to small businesses at nearly a 5:1 ratio compared to large banks. A main reason for this disparity is that large banks primarily use financial formulas to determine the repayment possibility of loans. While this may be profitable for the big banks on a macro scale, local market conditions that small businesses face are extremely complex and not easily defined by numbers and statistics. This is where small banks have the advantage; looking at every entrepreneur or small business on a case-by-case basis, not just as some number on a computer screen.

5) Google Merges Insights into Trends:

Google’s trending topics tool “Trends” and their tool for looking at search data over time “Insights” have now been integrated into now ultra-powerful new Google Trends software. Neither of these programs performed very well with any of Google’s Android-powered devices which seems to be a key factor in the software merge. Google Trends now uses HTML5-based Google Chart Tools allowing “users to load the charts on their mobile devices and view the results without scrolling,” says Miranda Miller of Search Engine Watch.

How this applies to you:

Now businesses will be able to identify popular trends based on geographic locations, time ranges or industries, then be able to see news stories related to these trends, rising searches surrounding the trends or the forecast for these trends. Amber Hauptman of explains that “as an interactive marketer and former small business owner, I found both of these tools very useful and often never used one without the other[…] This is one step closer to greater usability, especially on Android (and Apple) mobile devices.”


The purpose of is to guide entrepreneurs through the start-up process. ChooseWhat offers entrepreneurs 3 main resources to help them focus on the big idea so they do not get bogged down with the basics. These resources include reviews and cost comparisons of business infrastructure tools, a start-up checklist that provides a step by step guide for setting up a business, and small business forum where entrepreneurs can get answers to their most pressing business questions.


Are Republicans abandoning the Obamacare issue? Doubtful

Are Republicans abandoning the Obamacare situation? Doubtful
obama care laws
But even if there weren't, take into account that a quarter of political advertisements running in North Carolina attack Obamacare particularly. This appears to recommend that it's nonetheless a comparatively &quotmajor problem.&quot Let's place it this way: Is there any other law in the …

ObamaCare getaway: 5 US territories released from health care law
obama care laws
The Obama administration is coming under fire for after once again producing a unilateral change to ObamaCare — this time, quietly exempting the 5 U.S. territories and their much more than four million residents from virtually all key provisions of the well being …

Negative news for Obamacare haters: In Arkansas, Dems go on offense on ACA
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Now we're seeing however an additional indicator of that shift: a red-state Democrat going on the air in help of Obamacare. Arkansas's Mark Pryor just released an ad telling his personal individual story of dealing with cancer and touting his efforts to aid “pass a …